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Dermal Fillers Therapy

Dermal Fillers Therapy

Here at Colonial Drive Family Dentistry, we offer an excellent means to restore volume and fullness to your face. With dermal filler therapy, we can give you the youthful appearance you're seeking. As skin ages, naturally and from outside factors, we lose natural moisturizing substances from our skin. With this, our skin becomes thinner, developing lines, wrinkles and folds.

With dermal therapy, a non-surgical cosmetic treatment made of safe natural or man-made materials, you can effectively counteract the facial effects of aging.

The Dermal Filler Process

Dermal fillers are injected with a sterile syringe. When the treatment is started, you are provided with a local anesthetic cream or dental anesthetic to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. After the appointment, you may experience some redness, swelling or bruising around the injection area, but these issues typically disappear within a few days. The results typically last 6 months to a year.

While most people can benefit from dermal filler therapy, those with certain conditions or who take certain medications may not qualify as candidates. Our team will review your medical history to determine if dermal filler therapy is appropriate for you.

Dermal fillers produce excellent anti-aging results, with a much less severe outcome than face lifts and other plastic surgery options. Plus, the effects of dermal fillers take place almost instantaneously.

For more information on dermal filler therapy, please contact our office. The youthful appearance you've been seeking can be yours!